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Insurance Repairs

Making a Claim

Did you know that when you need make a claim on your insurance, your insurer will appoint a loss adjuster to assess the damage and report back with a report of the costs?

Did you know that the loss adjuster is paid for directly by the insurer?

If the loss adjuster is employed by the insurer, how can you be sure you are receiving a fair settlement? How can you be sure you are receiving all the damages you are entitled to? You can’t.

We Support You

So why are we better? Simple put, we work for you and not your insurer.
Our job is to fight for you and achieve the best possible settlement for your claim. We even offer a free Claims Management Service, where we deal with your insurance claim from start to finish, ensuring you receive 100% of your claim entitlement.
The Property Improvement Centre offers a complete and comprehensive claims management service, providing helpful assistance and advice at this time of crisis.
Appointing our professional claims handlers will ensure your home insurance claims process is dealt with swiftly and efficiently and best of all it’s completely free.
We have over 25 years’ experience handling insurance claims so we’re very familiar with how the system works. Our claims management team work hand in hand with our building team to ensure you not only receive your entire payout but that you also receive a quality job completed to our exacting standards.
By managing both your claims management and building work, we can provide a service that is second to none.

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